The Cupcake Cruiser

With the shop so busy, my wife asked me to take over the “Cupcake Cruiser” scheduling and blogs.  So she ask me to send out a message, for this week, stating that the Cruiser would NOT be out this week, due to a number of previous scheduled events. (Teacher appreciation day, employee appreciation day, and a couple of senior parties.)  So Monday morning I sat down and wrote out a blog, explaining this weeks situation, plus our plans to return to our regular routes, next week.  I then saved it, for the bosses (my wife) approval.  But then…. I NEVER released it !!!!

It wasn’t until this morning, when one of our regular customers called looking for us, that I realized my “Rookie Blogger” mistake.

So PLEASE accept my sincere apology and I promise that I will do better, next week.  And even though this will give my grandkids a big laugh (since they think Papa shouldn’t be allowed near the computer) , I’m also trying to prove them wrong. That “yes”, you CAN… “teach an old dog, new tricks”!!!

Dennis Hayes

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