A Special Request and Some Good News

Help Get Lisa on Ellen

Back in 2009, before The Sweet Tooth was even an idea in our minds, Amy and I met Lisa Covington.  Lisa has been battling cancer since 2001 and has a goal of meeting Ellen DeGeneres. We want to do what we can to help Lisa achieve her goal.  In the years we have known Lisa, she has been such an inspiration to us.  She is always smiling and upbeat, no matter how many treatments she may have gone through.  When we found out there was a surprise flash mob for Lisa, we sent The Cupcake Cruiser to help fuel the dancers.  You can view the video below.

Help us get Elle’s attention for Lisa.  Share this on Facebook and Twitter with #HopeRocks.  You leave post on Ellen’s Fanpage or send her a Tweet.  You can also send a message to The Ellen Show via her website by clicking here. Be sure to watch and share the videos with your friends often, we want to make sure this goes viral to help get their attention!  Check out Lisa’s message to Ellen in the video below (Video provided by: KMBZ).

The Sweet Tooth – Sold

We are excited to announce that we accepted an offer, signed all the paper work and will begin showing the new owner the ropes starting next week!  With that said, The Sweet Tooth will remain open in Blue Springs!  Amy and I plan to stay on until the end of the month and will work closely with the new owners to ensure a smooth transition with little downtime.  While it has been very hard for us to stomach the thought of letting The Sweet Tooth go, we feel comfortable passing it on to new owners with plans of building from what we started.  Stay tuned for details about the new owners.

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