Update The Cupcake Cruiser


We recently launched a campaign to raise the funds needed to update our cupcake truck! We are The Sweet Tooth, but our cupcake truck says 3 Girls Cupcakes.  It also has outdated contact information making it almost impossible for customers to reach us.  We just launched an IndieGoGo Campaign that will allow our customers and fans the chance to pledge their support.  In exchange, we have some exciting perks that we are offering, including free cupcakes!

Our customers and fans are very passionate and are great at providing feedback and doing anything possible to help us grow.  It’s almost like our customers are a part of The Sweet Tooth family.  We came up with perks in a way that allow our customers to really get involved and leave a lasting impression.  I wanted to take some time to outline one of our Perk Levels with this campaign, Level 2. At this support level, we will give you a personal shout out here on our Blog and your name will also be listed on our Hall of Fame on the side of The Cupcake Cruiser!  You can show off to your friends and family when you visit The Cruiser and point out your name on the list!  You will also get everything in Level 1 including a thank you letter from the owners and a voucher for a free cupcake.  For $20, you can have your name listed in our Hall of Fame! Click here for more information or to support our campaign!

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