This Week’s Sweet News – October 21

Breast Health Awareness Month
Photo Oct 21, 5 34 21 PM

At The Sweet Tooth, it is very important to give back to the communities that always support us.  October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we want to do what we can to help.  You may have noticed we changed the color of the logo on our Facebook page to pink at the beginning of the month!  This week, we will have pink ribbon sugar cookies and pink cupcakes to help raise awareness.  We will also donate a portion of all sales this week to the Young Survival Coalition! Come in this week and get some of our delicious desserts and feel good knowing a portion is going to this great charity.

Flavors of the Week

Photo Jul 23, 12 07 13 PM
Peanut Butter & Jelly
– Peanut Butter Cupcake filled with either Strawberry or Grape preserves and topped with Peanut Butter Frosting and a dab of preserves.

Loco Coco – Chocolate Cupcake with Creamy Coconut filling and topping, covered with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut. 

Jamaican Sensation – Mango cupcake with Pomegranate Cream Cheese Frosting.

The Elvis – Banana Cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting and Banana Chip on top.

This Week’s Cruise

Tuesday – Ocotber 22nd
10:00   The Elms (401 Regent St)
10:50   Kearny (Across from Interstate Auto-410 W 6th St)
11:25   Liberty Beauty Brands (8410 N Church Rd)
12:00   Salon 152 (9328 N Oak Trfwy)
12:00   CMHN (501 NW Barry Rd)
1:10     Paris II (6840 N Oak Trwy)
1:45     634 NW Englewood Rd (NRCC)
2:20     Red X (2401 NW Platte Rd)
3:10     Evans EVCO (3901 NE Kimball Dr)
3:40     Conklin Co (3957 Kimball Dr)
4:10     Delden Garage Doors (3530 NE Kimball Dr)

Wednesday – October 23rd
10:00   16th and Genessee
10:30   10th and Oak
11:00   9th and Main
11:30   10th and Grand
12:00   11th and Walnut
12:30   2555 Grand
1:30     24th and Holmes
2:15     49th and Main
2:45     51st and Oak
3:15     8140 Ward Parkway
3:45     9221 Ward Parkway
4:15     104th and Holmes

Thursday – October 24
10:00               5800 Foxridge Dr (Mission Bank)
10:25               Frontage and Metcalf (Cloverleaf Building 2)
11:00               Guyla’s Hair Salon (9357 Santa Fe Dr)
11:30               JCCC (12345 College Blvd)
12:30               CACU  (9777 Ridge Dr, Lenexa KS)

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