The Sweet Tooth Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Hey Fans! During the month of August we are going to play a game we call a selfie scavenger hunt. First, just in case you’re not sure a “selfie” is, when you take a picture of yourself and most likely post it to a social media network like Facebook or Twitter. Each week you have a chance to win 5 free cupcakes and a certificate for a dozen cupcakes. That means each week you can win up to 17 cupcakes! You might be thinking that there are only a few winners and the chances might not be that good to win. No worries everyone who participates wins free cupcakes!

Crunk Panda Selfie at The Sweet Tooth

Crunk Panda Selfie at The Sweet Tooth

Here’s how to play! Everyday we will post a location that’s in Blue Springs and you have to go to this location and take a picture of yourself. Once you’ve taken your picture come in to our Sweet Tooth store location in Blue Springs and show us your selfie and then pick out 1 cupcake for free. You must come in the day the location was posted in order to get your cupcake. If you come in every day that week (mon-fri) and show us your selfie at each location we posted then on Friday you will receive a certificate for 1 dozen cupcakes. But make sure you come in each and every day. You will not be eligible for the certificate for a dozen cupcakes if you miss a day or show us all your pictures on Friday.

Be creative with your selfie’s and have fun with it! Stay tuned on Monday August 5th for the first location! Remember this game goes all month so don’t worry if you’re not able to play one week or if you miss a day we will play for 4 weeks.


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