The Sweet Tooth and 3 Girls Cupcakes

On Friday, July 19 The Sweet Tooth family grew by adding 3 Girls Cupcakes!  

Before Amy and I started The Sweet Tooth 3 years ago, we did a lot of research and checked out many of the cupcake businesses that were already open.  I remember reading about 3 Girls Cupcakes and something that stuck out with both of us was how much they worked with local charities.  After we opened our shop we got a chance to work with Simonie and 3 Girls Cupcakes at KC CakeFest 2012.  We kept in touch and worked together a few more times since then like earlier this year, when we switched cupcake flavors.  It’s very unusual to see two businesses that should be competitive working together, but that is how The Sweet Tooth and 3 Girls Cupcakes operated.  We have watched 3 Girls Cupcakes grow and become a staple of Kansas City life.  We have learned what we can and borrowed a few ideas from them along the way.  It is very surreal for us knowing that 3 Girls Cupcakes in now a part of the Sweet Tooth!


The Future of The Sweet Tooth

We are excited that we will be able to begin offering some of 3 Girls Cupcake’s most popular cupcake flavors at our store in Blue Springs!  We want to take some time and get used to working with their recipes in our kitchen.  We will begin offering some of their cupcakes along with our cupcakes giving our customers an even larger assortment of flavors to select from.  Just the thought of having Spotted Cow and Sock Monkey available next to Peanut Butter Dream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough should be enough to make anyone excited.

The Future of 3 Girls Cupcakes

We have two separate businesses that will be operating from the same kitchen.  This could get confusing, but we are going to take steps to organize and make sure we are able to keep up.  3 Girls Cupcakes has great cupcakes and fans that are passionate about everything they offer.  We know everyone misses seeing The Cupcake Cruiser on the streets of Kansas City and we are going to do what we can to be back out cruising again as quickly as possible.  Our goal is to be back out cruising the normal stops in early August with many of the same 3 Girls Cupcake flavors you have grown to enjoy.  We will start only cruising a couple days a week while everyone gets acclimated to all the changes and new recipes.  We will add days as we can and new stops when available.  We also plan on offering some of The Sweet Tooth’s most popular cupcake flavors in the future and eventually sell our cookies from The Cruiser.

2013-07-21 Image1

We are honored to be given the opportunity to combine these two amazing businesses into one great company.  We plan on learning from both businesses and making improvements where we can.  Our mission at The Sweet Tooth is to promote happiness, by combining with 3 Girls Cupcakes we will be able to bring cupcakes to the people and delivery happiness all over Kansas City and even beyond! Thanks again to Simonie (and Scott) for building such a great businesses and trusting us to pick up where you left off.  We have some big shoes to fill but we will do our best to make you proud.

Stay tuned for more updates and details, but for now… We are taking our family on a well deserve vacation!

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3 Responses to The Sweet Tooth and 3 Girls Cupcakes

  1. Lisakay Shively says:

    Please offer a gluten free item or two when the cruiser goes back out…it would be well appreciated! You can even subcontract them from another bakery as you don’t have a dedicated gf kitchen, but it would be so nice to get a treat when everyone else does!

  2. Sharmin says:

    Way to go guys! Good luck on combing the businesses. I am sure everything will be delicious!!

  3. L says:

    I just wantedto let you know that the 3gc peanut butter icing is wonderful! I so hope you continue it.

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