The ALS Association Fundraiser – By Amy

This is a MUST read blog post….trust me it’s worth your while at the end.

Did you know May is ALS Awareness Month? I know, I know, I know….you’re probably thinking, the month is just about over. Which is exactly why I’m doing this blog today and making you more aware of the ALS Association and more importantly to me, the Keith Worthington Chapter.


My stepdad, Jeff was diagnosed with ALS a little over 2 years ago. He had lots of doctor’s appointments and tests before the official diagnosis was determined. I remember calling my mom to see what the doctor’s had said and she just said, “It’s not good Amy, he has ALS”. I really didn’t know much about the disease so I Googled it immediately. To read that most people die within the first 3 years of being diagnosed, made my heart sink.

This horrible disease quickly stole things from Jeff. Things like; biking, sailing, gardening, traveling, driving & walking. The list can go on and on but I won’t go any further with it. Just last summer I remember pulling in their driveway and seeing Jeff pushing the lawnmower, just trying to keep some type of normalcy. Jeff and my mom talked a lot about his disease and they both knew that time was limited. They knew that they had to make every day the best they could. What an amazing example they set!

On Sunday May 19th, 2013 Jeff passed away but his spirit will forever be with us. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed greatly.

Some words that describe Jeff; humble, loving, honest, intelligent, husband, father, grandfather, US Air Force Veteran, traveler, sailor, Pastor, conversationalist. This list too could go on and on, but it might end up being a book instead of a blog. He really touched a lot of people’s hearts and was an inspiration to many.


The Keith Worthington Chapter here in the Midwest is committed to helping more people understand the impact that this devastating disease has on individuals. On this last day of May I’m asking you to please make a donation to the ALS Association, Keith Worthington Chapter in memory of Jeff. I will be walking with “Jeff’s Sole Mates” this fall in the walk to defeat ALS. Please click this link to be directed to my fundraising page.

Now, here’s a sweet thank you for donating…If you donate a minimum of $5 today, May 31, 2013 we will be offering 1 dozen cupcakes for ONLY $15!


  • Bring a minimum $5 cash donation into The Sweet Tooth


  • Click the link above to make a minimum $5 cash donation, print receipt and bring it to The Sweet Tooth for verification
  • Special offer is only good for one day, Friday May 31, 2013 (full dozen must be purchased on 5/31/13)
  • Cannot be combined with GroupOn or any other voucher/special offer

Thank you, Amy

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