The Case of the Missing Cupcakes


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I think this is the prefect time to break my silence.  I was in my office on a cold spring night watching the snow pill up on the ground outside of my window.  I was reading an article about the pending indictment of Punxsutawney Phil for his false claims of winter ending when I got a new email.  It was from The Sweet Tooth and was about one of their most popular spring cupcakes going missing.  It said they looked everywhere, but could not locate their Jamaican Sensation cupcake.  They did not have many clues, but I took the case.  No sooner then I responded my phone rang, it was Simonie from 3 Girls Cupcakes.  She told me her most popular cupcake flavor, The Spotted Cow, was nowhere to be found.  She asked if I could help, I’m The Cupcake Guy, how could I say no?

I followed the leads, but they were leading nowhere.  I was going around in circles and had to dig deeper and deeper to find answers.  I had run around town and chase down informants that provided good information in the past.  I pieced together everything I found, and the puzzle was getting more and more clear. It didn’t seem to make much sense but I had it all figured out.  I called Simonie and Trevor and I told them I found their cupcakes and I asked them to meet me at my office.

5x5 - Missing

I asked them to have a seat and I told Simonie that The Sweet Tooth had her Spotted Cow Cupcake.  I also let Trevor know that 3 Girls had his Jamaican Sensation Cupcake. I told them I sure they already knew this and asked them to come clean.  They told me everything, they had been planning the cupcake switch for months!  3 Girls Cupcakes would make their own version of Jamaican Sensation and The Sweet Tooth would make a version of The Spotted Cow Cupcake.  They said the cupcakes would be available for sale for one week at The Sweet Tooth and the 3 Girls Cupcake Cruiser.  I asked why that did it and they told me they were doing it for a great cause.  Both Cupcakeries will donate 10% of the sales of these cupcakes to Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization created to thank and honor American Veterans. How could I be mad about that, two local cupcakeries working  together, raising funds for charity and providing Kansas City with Amazing Cupcakes.  Another case solved, by The Cupcake Guy.

One of 3 Girls Cupcakes Spotted Cows have gone missing!

One of 3 Girls Cupcakes Spotted Cows have gone missing!

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