Beautiful Creatures Contest

If you are into supernatural dramas, you would have heard of (if not read) The New Your Time’s Best Selling book, Beautiful Creatures.  The book has been turned into a major motion picture and the Beautiful Creatures Movie will be released on February 14, Valentine’s Day!

The Sweet Tooth is counting down the days until Lena learns her fate, but we can also help you see the movie a week early.  We have passes to the advance screening on February 7th at the AMC in Independence, MO!  We will be giving them away to some lucky fans over the next week and a half.  We made special “Caster Cupcakes” to help us identify winners.  These cupcakes come in either chocolate or vanilla and have a secret buttercream filling, either Light or Dark.  If your cupcake has a Light filling, you are a winner and will receive a pass that will get you and a guest into the screening.  We will use our Facebook Page to announce when we are putting out the Caster Cupcakes each day.  Purchase one, or several cupcakes and take a bite to determine your fate.  If your cupcake has a Light filling, show it to a staff member and claim your prize. You will get a pass (good for two) to the February 7 screening, a Beautiful Creatures screen cleaner and a Beautiful Creatures poster!

8x10 - Beautiful Creatures

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