2012 Year in Review

2012 was an amazing year at The Sweet Tooth and we wanted to use this post to review some of the things we were able to accomplish.  Later in this post we will count down the top 5 accomplishments but we also wanted to go over some of the smaller things we were able to get done. We have been featured on the news a few times this year, most recently for the 20 Acts of Kindness.  We introduced the world to The Cupcake Guy, he is different, but entertaining.  We did a lot of weddings, birthday parties and baby showers, we also introduced some new products like cake pops and our yummy cookie cakes.  Check out our top 5 below.

Number 5 – New Cupcake Flavors

This year we introduced 14 new cupcake flavors including the popular Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Since we can’t make all of our flavors available all of the time, we also started our cupcake of the week rotation.  Some of the other flavors we introduced this year included Supercal, Lucky Stout, Loco Coco and French Toast with Bacon.  Come in each week and see what flavors we have made just for you.

Number 4 – Facebook Milestones

We have some amazing Facebook fans, and we watched our Fanpage explode with growth this year.  Early in the year we went over 1,000 fans, but the growth did not stop there.  We made it to 2,000 fans then all the way to 3,000 fans!  We currently have almost 3,400 fans and we plan on giving away 120 cupcakes when we make it to 3,500.  If you have not “liked” our Fanpage already visit our page and press the like button today.

Number 3 – Sending Cupcakes to the Edge of Space

Who does that?  How do you even come up with sending a cupcake?  The Sweet Tooth, that’s who.  This is not faked and we have the video to prove it.  We used a huge helium weather balloon to lift our cupcakes to about 70,000 feet.  Check out the video below.

Number 2 – Appearing on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

We watch Cupcake Wars religiously and we actually had the opportunity to appear on the show in 2012.  We did not win, but we think we performed well and showed them what Blue Springs has to offer.  The judges said great things about some of our cupcakes, but in the end, we guess it was not enough to move on.  Being on the show that helped inspire us to start making cupcakes was a huge accomplishment for us, but our loyal customers mean so much more to us than a couple judges in LA!

Number 1 – Opening Our Storefront

Of all the things that happened in 2012, this one had to be the biggest.  There was a lot of planning, saving, sacrifice and hard work that went into opening our store… but we made it happen.  We have an amazing staff, great neighbors and a supportive community.  Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to doing even bigger things in 2013! Happy New Year everyone.

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