20 Random Acts of Kindness

By now everyone knows about the tragic events from Newtown last week.  This event has affected us in different ways. It had a greater affect on us (Amy and I) than we expected, much more so than past events.  We lost sleep, discussed it with our children, and tried to wrap our heads around what happened. We could not even fathom how someone could commit such a random act of violence and hatred on innocent people.  I’m sure everyone is dealing with this in their own way, and we hope everyone is getting the opportunity they need to express their feelings and emotions about this event.

We are The Sweet Tooth and our company mission is to Promote Happiness.  It’s something that we have struggled with all weekend, how do promote happiness at a time like this?  Today I read about the 20 Acts or 26 Acts movements and they seemed perfect. We are no longer focused on one bad act, and we are now focused on our 20 acts.  There are so many stories of courage coming out of the event this weekend, and we want to take our time to pay tribute to the 20 kids and their families that were affected.  We will make one random act of kindness for each of the 20 kids, 20 Acts!

Girl in Orange Shirt

Our first act, was random and unannounced, and we hope we can do this for all 20 acts.  We had 2 dozen cupcakes waiting for our first customer this morning.  A young lady came in shortly after we opened to buy a cupcake for a friend and she had some questions.  Amy got the 2 dozen cupcakes and started to explain the 20 acts idea that we were doing.  Needless to say, things got pretty emotional at The Sweet Tooth this morning.  As it turns out, our first customer is a teacher at one of the middle schools here in Blue Springs, and her husband teaches at another middle school here in town as well.  She ended up taking one dozen cupcakes to her school and the other dozen to her husband’s school.  Our first act of kindness ended up at two schools, how fitting is that!  Her friend (the one she came in to buy the cupcake for) came in later to thank us for what we were doing.  She also said we inspired her to do 20 acts of her own.

This is what it’s about.  Stay tuned for more information about our 20 Acts, and we hope we can encourage as many of you as possible to start your own 20 acts.  It does not matter how small or large the gift is, it feels good to do something positive.  Join the movement.

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