Behind the Cupcakes – Kathy

Hello everyone!  It’s me again, The Cupcake Guy.  The folks over at The Sweet Tooth asked me to take over their Behind the Cupcakes blog feature, and you know I’m happy to help whenever I can.  For this Behind the Cupcake story, we take a closer look at Kathy Marble, but not too close.  Rumor has it, that she bites!

ChattyKathyKathy was born in Kansas City and raised right here in Blue Springs, Missouri.  She has lived in the Kansas City metro her entire life and has settled a little east in Odessa.  Kathy has 3 older sisters (AKA spoiled brat) and says she was a shy kid and loved to play outside.  I think she is making up for her quiet childhood now, she is known as chatty Kathy at work.  She always seems to have a story to tell about anything that happens, not matter the situation.  She has 3 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rabbits, all she is missing, is the partridge and the pear tree.  Kathy is very proud of her kids, and enjoys watching them play sports.  She also likes to travel, make scrapbooks and go to Chiefs games.


Kathy and Amy, long before The Sweet Tooth.

Kathy heard about The Sweet Tooth from Amy and offered support and help long before the shop opened.  Her and Amy worked together after high school at Photo to Go and have been good friends since then.  Kathy said she thought Trevor was shy the first time she met him, but she thinks he was just trying to be good so she was ok with him getting married to Amy.  I think Trevor is shy and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life (that’s just my opinion).  Kathy said her favorite Sweet Tooth cupcake is Lucky Stout, she loves the frosting.  She also said she would like to see them add a turtle cupcake to their line up in the future.  She said many of her embarrassing moments at the shop were not appropriate for our fans, but she did admit to answer the phone “Photo to Go” one time.  I guess she had a little flash back to the old days.


Kathy and her kids.

Kathy thinks it’s important for The Sweet Tooth’s customers to know how much enjoyment they get from them and their stories.  She said her most memorable experience with a customer was when a man came in to buy cupcakes for his wife.  He said they she was receiving a medical treatment and needed to gain weigh to continue the treatment.  She did not have much of an appetite, but loved The Sweet Tooth’s cupcakes.  Kathy said she really enjoyed the satisfaction knowing The Sweet Tooth was able to help someone with their medical treatments.  If Kathy was in charge of The Sweet Tooth, she said the first thing should would change would be installing microphones and a stage so they could practice between recipes.  For some reason, she thinks they are going to end up on The Voice.


Kathy has a way of making people feel like that.

I had a great time talking to Kathy for this piece.  I have to admit I did a lot more listening than talking at this session, but I also heard some interesting stories.  Until next time, have a sweet day!

The Cupcake Guy

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