Weekly Update – 12/2/2012

We just started December, but it feels more like October or even September.  The weather is very mild and we are loving it.  Things were pretty busy in The Sweet Tooth kitchen in November, and we rolled out some new desserts that have been very popular with our customers.  These desserts will only be available until the end of December, so come in and try them out soon! We have more information about these desserts below.

New Cookie Flavors
Turtle Cookie – Orange Cranberry Cookie – Egg Nog Cookie

Plain Fudge – Coconut Fudge – Walnut Fudge – Toffee Fudge – M&M Fudge – Caramel Fudge – Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Fudge – Peppermint White Chocolate Fudge

Cookies in a Jar
Ginger Cookies – Santa’s Cookies – Brownies

Winter Cupcake Flavors
On December 1st we released our Winter Cupcake flavors!  We know everyone is going to miss the amazing fall cupcakes, but we know you will be happy with our winter cupcakes as well.  We have them listed below, come in and try them out.

Based on those pricey coffee drinks, this cupcake is the perfect combination of all the flavors you love. We made a moist, chocolate, mocha cupcake that has a hint of coffee flavor. We then hollowed out the middle and filled it with a caramel surprise. We topped it all off with a delicious whipped cream frosting.

Place another log on the fire, pour some hot chocolate, and snuggle up with one of these cupcakes. Our Snickerdoodle cupcake is a yummy vanilla base with cinnamon mixed into the batter. The cake is topped with our smooth buttercream frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon. This is a cupcake you can enjoy all season long.

Our Gingerbread cupcakes are available just in time for winter. It begins with our fluffy, delicious ginger flavored cupcake base. It’s topped with our vanilla buttercream frosting and the cutest little gingerbread man cookie. Run, run as fast as you can… and catch our Gingerbread Cupcake before the season ends.

Cupcakes in Space – Video
Have you seen our cupcakes in space video yet?  It already has over 5,000 views!  Watch it and share it with your friends.

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