Introducing: The Cupcake Guy

Let me introduce myself, I’m The Cupcake Guy.  You might think I look familiar, like someone you might have seen or even met in the past.  I’m not that guy, you don’t know me… well not yet at least. Over the next few months you will get to know a lot about me, at times you might think you know too much.  But that’s OK, you’ll get over it.  Enough about you already, let’s talk about me.

As my name implies I’m kinda of a cupcake expert, some might even say genius.  I would never say that myself, I’m too humble to say something like that.  I don’t get to run around eating cupcakes all day, I have a full-time job that helps me pay the bills.  I guess you can say cupcakes are my hobby, maybe even an addiction.  What a sweet addiction to have.  What’s my day job you ask?  That’s something I’ll get into a little later. We will just stick to the cupcakes for the time being.  I like a cupcake that is the perfect combination of amazing flavors.  I like to try new and exciting things, like Guinness Extra Stout Beer and Bailey’s Irish Cream or Bananas, Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Marshmallow…  now you’re speaking my language.  I have a weakness for the classics as well, strawberry cake with fresh whipped cream frosting and you can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter.

Anyway, those nice people over at The Sweet Tooth asked me for some help, so I’m lending them a hand.  I will stop in and give you information every once in a while, maybe tell you a story.  If you have questions, please ask them… I try to answer as quickly as I can.  For now remember, The Cupcake Guy knows just what to recommend, no matter what you are craving.

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