Thanksgiving with The Sweet Tooth

Thanksgiving is just a few days away!  You take care of dinner, and The Sweet Tooth will handle the dessert.  We have so many exciting new items that are perfect for the holiday.  If you serve our desserts after your dinner, your guests will surely be giving thanks!  Give us a call to place you Thanksgiving Day orders: 816-988-8062.

These cute turkey cupcakes will be a hit at your Thanksgiving Feast! They are available in chocolate or vanilla (they are not actually turkey flavored) and cost $3 each. Call us to place your order (816)988-8062.

Happiness, Delivered!
We are now offering delivery service to many cities in Jackson County, Missouri.  Most of our amazing products are available including our cookies, cheesecakes, cookie cakes and of course our cupcakes!  Send treats to your kid’s school and make sure the teachers know how much they are appreciated.  Make Mondays amazing at work by having cupcakes delivered each week.  There is a $20 minimum order and the delivery fee starts at $5, call and place your Thanksgiving week delivery order 816-988-8062!

New Cookie Flavors
We have 3 new amazing cookie flavors that we just released and they are perfect for the Holidays! Kathy put in a lot of hard work coming up with these cookie flavors, and it shows, they are so good. If you have not been in to try them yet, what are you waiting for?

Egg Nog Cookie

If you like Egg Nog, this cookie is for you!  It’s an egg nog cookie and an egg nog icing.

Orange Cranberry Cookie

I’m going to be honest, when Kathy told me about this cookie… I was not excited.  I had to try it, it’s a part of my job.  I broke off a small piece and I was very surprised! This cookie is amazing, very fresh and moist.  I not only finished the cookie, I snagged another one when I was heading home.  Make sure you try one of these cupcakes the next time you come in the shop.

Chocolate Turtle Cookie

Chocolate, caramel and pecans!  These cupcakes fly out of the door as soon as we put them out.  Come in and try them before we retire them.


We just rolled out 8 different flavors of fudge this weekend, and they are a perfect holiday treat.  The flavors that we offer are Plain Chocolate, Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate M&M, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Caramel, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cookies and Cream.  Order some for your friends or family members, they make perfect gifts!

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