Hi, my name is Trevor

Hello everyone, my name is Trevor and I co-own The Sweet Tooth with my wife Amy.  You may have recently seen us on Cupcake Wars and I pretended to be a baker.  I have to give Amy credit, she did most of the baking I just did a lot of talking.  She says she is not comfortable in front of cameras, so I did most of the talking.  That’s how we did it, we make a great team.  We have 3 amazing kids and 2 crazy cats.  I have a full time job and I work at The Sweet Tooth part time in the evenings.  I look forward to a time when I am able to dedicate more of my time to The Sweet Tooth.

We launched The Happiness Campaign to raise funds for our Cupcake Truck.  This will allow us to bring our cupcakes to customers all over the Kansas City Metro and even beyond!  When we say every pledge helps, we mean it.  If everyone we know made a small pledge from $5 – $10, we would reach our goal.  Some people may not know exactly how much to pledge, so I’m here to help.  I have put together some suggested amounts that you can use to help guide in your decision making.  Have a read, when you find one that you can relate to, make that pledge. If you find more then one, combine them all and make a large pledge!  Thanks, and enjoy.

If you knew me when I had the “Gumby” haircut… $25 Pledge
If you thought I was stuck up in school (not really stuck up, just shy)… $10 Pledge
If you played on one of the Powder Puff Football teams that I coached… $20 Pledge
If I signed your year book… $5 Pledge If I put K.I.T and my number … $15 Pledge
If I listened to you complain about about some guy you were dating… $50 Pledge
If you think I had a secret crush on you… $10 Pledge
If we ever fell asleep while talking on the phone to each other… $100 Pledge
If you played any sport with me in school… $15 Pledge
If I asked you to prom… $250 – $500 Pledge (We did go to Grand Prix Race-O-Roma after, that has to count for somthing.)
If you lived in Rawlings Hall with me… $20 Pledge
If you know what Kappa Kappa ZoZo is… $99 Pledge

If you are a Gator… $25 Pledge
If you ever watched a football game in “The Swamp”… $10 Pledge
If you ever called me, or thought of me as a smart @&%… $25 Pledge
If I ever sold you a Fanta-Cee CD (money will spent)… $10 Pledge

If you every worked with me… $5 Pledge
If you ever watched me Salsa Dance… $50 Pledge
If I have ever taken your picture… $15 Pledge
If I have ever served you a cupcake, cookie, cheese cake or cake pop… $5 Pledge
If I have worked with you to raise money for charity… $20 Pledge 
If I ever made you laugh of smile…  $10 Pledge

If you would like to make a pledge, click here.  Feel free to leave a comment with the story behind your pledge.  If you think I left something off the list, let me know and I might add it to the list.

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1 Response to Hi, my name is Trevor

  1. Armida says:

    What a great cause and picture of you with the ‘Gumby’ hair cut.

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