The Happiness Mobile: Our Cupcake Truck

A few weeks ago, we launched a KickStarter campaign to fund our Cupcake Truck.  We have a cupcake shop in Blue Springs and want to make sure our customers and fans all over the Kansas City Metro can enjoy our desserts on a regular basis.  We launched this campaign so our fans can help us make this dream a reality.  It may seem like a tall order, we have a long way to go, but I still believe we can do this.  We just went over 3,000 fans on Facebook, if each of our fans pledged just $5 we would achieve our goal.  If you would like to see The Happiness Mobile filled with our desserts, including the cupcakes we made on Cupcake Wars, in a neighborhood near you, pledge today.  Remember to share this with your friends.

KickStarter Information

Did you know, your card will not be charged until November 6 when our campaign ends.  That means you can make a pledge today, and have time to save the money before your card is actually charged.

KickStarter is all or nothing, if our project is not successful, we would receive any funding and your card will not be charged.

This is not for charity and your pledge is not a charitable contribution.

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