Cupcake Wars Tweet Live #thesweettoothkc and #cupcakewars

Today is one of the most exciting days in Sweet Tooth history.  Today, our Cupcake Wars episode airs on Food Network.  This is something Amy and I have thought about even dreamed about for years now.  Today the entire country will be introduced to The Sweet Tooth, and we can’t wait.  We are hosting our watch party at Skylight Restaurant and Bar in Blue Springs and we have exciting festivities planned for everyone that attends.  Guests have the opportunity to meet the owners of The Sweet Tooth (that actually competed on the show), be one of the first people in Kansas City to taste The Sweet Tooth’s round 1 cupcake and qualify for some great prizes.  We hope to see you there tonight!

Do you have a Twitter account?  The Sweet Tooth will be tweeting during the show using hashtags #thesweettoothkc and #cupcakewars.  If you have an account, we ask that you tweet during the show using those hashtags as well.  Many people around the country connect with #cupcakewars including Cupcake Wars judge Florian Bellanger.  We want to make sure Kansas City is represented well on the national stage, tweet often so our voice is heard.

Peanut Butter Dream 2012

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