Happiness Campaign Convention

So we launched The Happiness Campaign and our goal is to raise the funds for our cupcake truck using KickStarter.  This campaign is much different than most other campaigns, we are all about making people happy and we promise to keep things positive!  Like most other campaigns, we need a candidate and we are excited to announce the results of our primary election.  Peanut Butter Dream was the winner and has accepted the nomination.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough came in second in a very close race. Peanut Butter Dream delivered an inspiring acceptance speech at The Happiness Campaign Convention and is looking forward to your support.  Peanut Butter Dream said, “If each one of our Facebook fans pledged just $5.16, we would reach our goal and be able to bring our award winning cupcakes to offices and parks throughout the Kansas City Metro!” Check out our KickStarter project and pledge your support today.

Cupcake Wars Watch Party

From the Kansas City Star October 12, 2012

The Sweet Tooth will have our Official Cupcake Wars Watch Party at Skylight on Sunday October 14th.  The show starts at 7PM, but doors open at 5PM.  Come out and show your support for The Sweet Tooth and watch the show with Sweet Tooth Staff members as well as Amy & Trevor.  They will have samples of the cupcake from round 1 available and everyone that attends will be able to sample that flavor.  There will be prizes and goodies given away and they will show their audition video.  Come and watch the show with us, it will be a blast! Skip the lines by purchasing your tickets online.

Be sure to Tweet while you are watching the show with #thesweettoothkc and #cupcakewars

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