Fox 4 Morning Show Recap

Happiness Campaign

We are raising funds for our cupcake truck that will allow us to bring our cupcakes to our customers everywhere in the Kansas City Metro.  We have a project on Kickstarter that will allow you, and our other supports to make a pledge to help get our cupcake truck on the road.  Have a look at our project and consider making a pledge.  Pledges can start at as little as one dollar and every pledge helps.  Thank you.

Fox 4 Morning Show

Our mission at The Sweet Tooth is to promote happiness and we hope we accomplished that to a point today.  I appeared on the Fox 4 Morning Show to discuss our shop and appearance on Cupcake Wars!  I was interviewed by Kim, and she asked tough questions, there were no softball questions in this interview.  Just kidding, it was a fun laid back interview and I remember Kim being a lot taller than I expected.  I thought she might have been standing on a box or something.  I brought some cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies and shared them with the Fox 4 crew.  Check out the video below.

We ended the interview announcing a little contest the producer thought of.  We showed one of the Mega Cupcakes we make at the shop, and brought enough ingredients in to allow two of the anchors to decorate their own.  The Fox 4 Cupcake War!  Team Kathy vs Team Karli.  They each had their own mega cupcake, 3 bags of frosting and about 30 minutes to work with.  You can see the two contestants and their cupcakes in the video below.  Enjoy and leave a comment and let me know which one you think is the best!

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