Behind the Cupcakes – Heather

You may know a little about The Sweet Tooth, you may even be a Sweet Tooth expert but we wanted to take some time to introduce you to the amazing people… behind the cupcakes.  For the first installment of Behind the Cupcakes, we take a closer look at Heather Reardon and find out a little more about what makes her tick.

Heather was born in Kansas City and grew up right here in Blue Springs.   Heather now lives in Grain Valley with her husband and her son.  Heather described herself as a  smart, outspoken kid even a smart aleck at times… (why am I not surprised?)  She has one older sister and claims that she got great grades in school.  Heather always wanted a kid with a lot of personality and got exactly that in her 7 year old son.

I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree in this situation.  They have 1 dog and Heather loves to bake (go figure) read and to work in her yard and garden.  (Our yard and garden could use some tender love and care, I’ll see if I can convince her to come over in her spare time.)  She also enjoys spending time with her family and her besties. The accomplishment Heather is most proud of is being cancer free for 4 years, and we are all looking forward to her being considered “cured” next year.

Heather works at The Sweet Tooth part time, but she also has a full time job.  She teaches Home Ec at a local middle school.  (Heather must really, really, really love baking!)  Heather first heard about The Sweet Tooth on Facebook.  She has been stalking Amy and I since we started our Why Pink Campaign a few years ago, and finally got the chance to meet us!  Heather’s most embarrassing moment at The Sweet Tooth happened on grand opening day.  She was melting some semi sweet chocolate in the microwave and got busy doing something else… (probably chatting) and forgot all about it.  The shop was filled with the wonderful aroma of burnt chocolate. Amy hoped she did not teach her students to melt chocolate like this.   If Heather could change something about the Sweet Tooth, she would add a dishwasher!  I guess her hands are suffering from all the time in the hot water at the dish washing sinks.  Instead we got her some gloves! (No need to thank us for that one Heather.) When asked what she thinks our customers should know that they don’t already know, Heather said how much their feedback and opinions are valued.  She said many changes and new flavors have been developed based on customer feedback.  Some things Heather really loves about working at The Sweet Tooth include no one saying Mrs Reardon and for some reason she thinks it’s fun to work with Amy and myself.  She says we allow them to take ideas and run with them.  I think it would be fun to call her Mrs Reardon from now on.  Her favorite cupcake is Creamsicle Sunrise, she says it reminds her of being a kid and eating orange push pops!  When asked if Amy was a great boss or the greatest boss, Mrs Reardon said Amy is the best!

Thank you Mrs Reardon for being such a great sport and for working with us at The Sweet Tooth.  You are appreciated by our customers and loved by your sweet tooth family members!  Join us next time as we go behind the cupcakes and spotlight another sweet tooth family member!

Happiness Campaign Update

We are reaching new backers each day, and we are very excited about that.  Make sure you stop by our Facebook Fanpage and vote for your favorite cupcake.  Go to our KickStarter project to make a pledge!

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