Pick a Candidate

We are about a week into The Happiness Campaign and our goal is to raise funds for The Happiness Mobile, our Cupcake Truck.  We are excited about all the new customers that will get to try our cupcakes even the cupcake we made on Cupcake Wars!  The ultimate goal of The Happiness Campaign is to get our cupcake truck on the road.  We are raising funds with KickStarter, a website that allows our fans to pledge financial support for a project that would like to see become a reality.  No donation is too small and every bit helps.  Like we said on Facebook recently if each of our fans donated $5.50, we would reach our goal.  If you would like to see us bring our cupcakes and desserts all over the metro, and you could spare at least $5.50 make a pledge today.

Ok so The Happiness Campaign has started and we have promised to take the highroad and keep the campaign positive.  But what is a campaign without a candidate?  We are going to open the polls for a primary elections and allow our fans to pick The Happiness Campaign’s Candidate!  We will have a lineup of some of our most popular cupcakes to choose from.  The cupcake that gets the most votes by the end of the day Friday, wins!  Visit our Facebook Fanpage to vote for your favorite.  We will present our candidate at The Happiness Campaign Convention on Saturday. Make sure you vote.

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