Kansas City Live Recap & Video

We were on KC Live!

Amy and I were on live television yesterday morning on the Kansas City Live morning show!  We were there to demonstrate how we make our S’mores cupcake and discuss Cupcake Wars!  We arrived early and we were as prepared as possible.  We had a segment that would last from 3 – 5 minutes and we had to make cupcakes and talk at the same time.  Not an easy thing to do.  The plan was for me to do all of the talking and Amy to make sure I did not burn the place down!  Amy says she is not comfortable on camera (she did an amazing job I don’t know why she is uncomfortable) so we had not even plan on her wearing a microphone.  I’m glad they decided to put one on her!

If you watched the show, you saw me throw a bunch of ingredients in the mixer and only turn it on for a second.  Amy made fun of me when we got home because I called it a blender.  I would have denied it, but it’s on film and she could play it over and over and over again.  I talked about Cupcake Wars and a little about the cupcake, but Amy had my back.  She covered for me and showed how we core and fill our cupcakes.  The frosting was not as firm as we normally make it, we just did not have enough time.  Once again, Amy covered for me.  She took the runny frosting and made it work.  I don’t know what I would do without her.

Michelle and Michael, the hosts of the show were great!  They were very accommodating and helpful.  I can’t believe they do this every day.  The show is laid back and casual, and they wanted to make sure everyone was as comfortable as possible.  It’s pretty fast paced, once everything got started it did not stop.  We had a great time, and many people commented about how comfortable or natural we seemed.  It was not long ago we were in LA on a TV stage filming Cupcake Wars, so I guess we have become used to the lights!  We have the video of our on air appearance at the bottom of this post check it out!

Kickstarter Update

We are looking to raise the funds for our cupcake truck, The Happiness Mobile.  The amount we are looking to raise is a big number, but I know we can do it.  Just to help break it down and bring things into perspective, look at it like this.  We have over 2,700 fans on Facebook.  If each fan pledged $5.50, we would hit our goal.  When we said every bit helps, we mean it.  Do you think you could pitch in $5.50? Join The Happiness Campaign by clicking here!

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2 Responses to Kansas City Live Recap & Video

  1. Debz Buller says:

    so proud of you two! Where is the video?

  2. Debz Buller says:

    never mind! I found the video 😀 Is there a link to the show you did on KC LIVE somewhere? I’d so love to see it!

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