Cupcake Wars Watch Party

The Sweet Tooth
will be on Cupcake Wars on Sunday!  This is something we have kept a secret for months now, but the cat is finally out of the bag.  In July of this year, Amy and I celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary.  We told our friends and family we were going on a little vacation, but did not provide much detail outside of that.  We were actually in LA filming our episode of Cupcake Wars!

We had to jump through a lot of hoops to be selected, but the experience was amazing.  Amy and I have been watching Cupcake Wars for years, and it was surreal to be in the Cupcake Wars kitchen.  Our episode will air Sunday October 14 at 7PM and we are having our watch party at Skylight in Blue Springs.  If you attend, you will have the opportunity to meet the contestants Trevor and Amy Goodwin, win prizes and be one of the first people to sample the cupcake we made in round 1.  Tickets start at $5 and we are donating 50% of ticket sales to the Blue Springs Education Foundation.  Join us, and root The Sweet Tooth on!  Click here for tickets.

Remember, check out our Kickstarter project, and help us bring our cupcake from Cupcake Wars to you!

Be sure to watch Amy & Trevor on KC Live this morning.  The show starts at 10AM on NBC 41.

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