Happiness Campaign – Corporate Rewards

We are a few days into our Happiness Campaign and we already have a few backers.  We have tried to set up our reward levels to offer our backers a fun prize or a unique experience. We tried to set up the levels to allow almost everyone to participate.  One of the great things about Kickstarter, is that it allows so many people to get involved.  Check out our first two reward levels and consider becoming one of our backers.  Thank you for your time and leave a comment on this post if you have any questions.

I wanted to take some time to blog about the higher level rewards we are offering in our Kickstarter campaign.  These rewards were designed with businesses and corporations in mind.  We set these up to offer marketing and promotional value in addition to the treats from the lower levels.  They include a custom designed badge that will be on the back of The Happiness Mobile.  Every stop we make, customers will see your logo!  Other levels will allow you to name a cupcake or an entire month at The Sweet Tooth after your company.  This is another unique marketing opportunity that will be good at our store and The Happiness Mobile.  Our largest offer will allow a company to sponsor our cupcake truck for a full year.  In addition to naming the truck, we will also bring The Happiness Mobile loaded with Cupcakes and our other desserts to one of your parties or corporate events!

If you have a company, or know someone else that does, let them know about our Kickstarter campaign.  We have a passionate fan base that is growing very quickly and it is a perfect opportunity to brand a business with our desserts.  If you partner with The Sweet Tooth, your customers will associate your brand with our happy and delicious experience.

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