Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Health Awareness Month and The Sweet Tooth is looking to support local charities and help raise awareness.  Amy and I helped raise over $10,000 in support of breast health in the past through our Why Pink Campaign.  We took pictures of breast cancer survivors or supporters and we asked them to wear something pink.  We made everything in the image black and white with the exception of pink items so they became the focal point.  We ended up with some great pictures and met some amazing people along the way.

Because of Why Pink, we crossed paths with Laura Plunkett and she actually helped us launch the campaign.  Laura was always positive, always smiling and always looking for ways she could help others.  Amy and I were blessed to know Laura and we only hope to be as giving and caring as she was.  Flipped, One Cancer, Three Voices is a book Laura wrote with the help of her daughter Morgan and her mother Suella about how three generations dealt with breast cancer.  As I read this book, I’m proud to have known Laura and honored that pictures Amy and I took are featured in the book and on the front cover.  We were also quoted in the book saying, “Thank you for everything you taught us.  We are so happy our paths crossed.  You have inspired us to see the positive in any situation and taught us to fight.  You lived your life as an example and we were blessed with the honor of working with you.  Amy and I will do anything we can to take your mission, your passion, your story and Pass It On!” Thank you Laura.

Laura was cautions for her first portrait session and asked if she could bring a friend along with her.  We wanted Laura to feel as comfortable as possible so we said of course.  Her friend was also a breast cancer survivor so we scheduled a session with her as well.  That’s how we met Tina Herold.  Tina is spunky, quick and very outgoing.  She started her company Wigged Out based on the experience she had buying a wig when she started losing her hair.  She did not want anyone going through this physically and emotionally draining process to have to deal with insensitive sales representatives.  Rather than just complaining, Tina did something.  She starting by inspiring women on and individual basis in her wig shop and now she inspires by the million.  Tina is currently one of Ford’s Models of Courage and was recently on the nationally televised show The Talk!  As if it is not enough of an honor to know Tina, one of the pictures we took was featured during her segment of the show!  Tina will continue to encourage everyone she touches to fight and we look forward to working with her on many future projects.

This month The Sweet Tooth has gone pink in support of breast health.  We will donate a portion of all sales in October to Pass It On, Laura Plunkett’s organization.  We also have a spare change jar next to the register and the money placed in the jar will be donated  to Young Survival Coalition.


We wanted to thank everyone who has already made a pledge on our KickStarter project.  Check out our project page and consider making a pledge.  We have some exciting rewards you can take advantage of!

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