Introduction: The Happiness Campaign

Today, we officially launched The Happiness Campaign on KickStarter to raise the funds needed for our cupcake truck.  We have a plan to bring our cookies, cake pops, cheesecakes and award winning cupcakes to our customers all over the Kansas City Metro. We are looking to raise the funds needed to purchase a used truck and the equipment required to get our truck on the road!

KickStarter is a unique website that allows users the ability to support projects they are passionate about and ideas they would like to see become a reality.  It allows user to pledge donations to help achieve the project’s financial goal.  If that goal is met, the project will be funded.  It’s a great concept, and we have details about our project and how we will use the funds on our KickStarter page.  We also have some amazing rewards planned for our project backers as well.  Based on the level of donation, backers will get small prizes like t-shirts and magnets to more extravagant experiences like creating and naming their own cupcake!

We are excited about The Happiness Campaign, it is going to give The Sweet Tooth the opportunity to grow and bring our amazing desserts to our customers.  We have great customers and an active fan base, we are glad to give them the chance to get involved and more connected with what’s happening at The Sweet Tooth.  Please take some time to consider joining The Happiness Campaign, your support would be greatly appreciated and you can earn some great prizes.  It feels great being connected to something good and positive, each time you see The Happiness Mobile you will have a sense of satisfaction knowing you helped make it happen.  Thank you for your continued support.

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