The Happiness Campaign

It’s that time of year, when everything gets political.  This side is attacking that side, that side is accusing this side of lying.  Everything seems so negative.  With this in mind we wanted to introduce you to a positive campaign that you can actually be a part of.  We are officially launching The Happiness Campaign 2012, and our goal is to help spread sweet happiness throughout the Kansas City Metro and beyond.  The Happiness Campaign will culminate with the launching of The Happiness Mobile – our cupcake truck.  Our platform is simple, we want to spread sweetness, happiness, joy, smiles, laughter and of course cupcakes… you know, all of the good things!  You will not see any attack ads from this campaign, just good news!  Stay tuned for more details about The Happiness Campaign and how you can help The Sweet Tooth spread happiness.  Have a sweet day!

Flavor of the Week – French Toast

For this cupcake we start with a soft cinnamon cupcake, made from scratch with fresh ingredients.  We top the cupcake with a maple buttercream frosting, powdered sugar and caramelized bacon.  Yes, I said bacon! We finish the cupcake off with a maple syrup drizzle.  Enjoy this cupcake for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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