Kansas City’s All-Star Cupcakes

Kansas City is ready to welcome the best players baseball has to offer as we prepare for next week’s All-Star Game.  The city is about to host fans from all over the country, and they will be looking forward to Kansas City hospitality, BBQ and cupcakes!  Yes, cupcakes!  You really have to love the Cupcake Scene in the Kansas City Metro.  There may not be as many cupcakeries as in some of the larger metropolitan areas of the country, but we have some of the best.  We actually have cupcakeries that work together and want each other to do well.  Just think, The Sweet Tooth and Pin Up Pastries are helping to throw a party for 3 Girls Cupcakes this weekend.  Also Cupcake Construction Company is planning to attend all the way from Lawrence, Kansas.  Who does that?  You think we would be bickering and fighting, but we are working together for charity, they have each referred customers to us… and we all make amazing cupcakes!  Our fans already know, and now a bunch of visitors from all over the country will get to check out Kansas City’s All-Star Cupcakeries.  For more information about 3 Girls Cupcakes 2nd B-Day Bash, click here!

The Sweet Tooth will be closed on July 4th to observe Independence Day.  We wish all of our fans a safe and happy holiday.  We will return on Thursday July 5th with our Baseball cupcakes.  Come in and pick some up for your party.

Sweet Rewards

We just rolled out our rewards program and customers are excited to get their cards punched.  You can earn a punch on your card for purchasing cupcakes in singles, 4 boxes, 6 boxes and dozens.  You can only get one punch per visit and you can only earn a punch on regular priced cupcakes.

Flavors of the Week
We have two flavors of the week this week and so far, and they have been very, very, very popular! A lot of customers have been asking for filled cupcakes, and we listened. Check them out below, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Lucky Stout.

Chocolate Cake with (eggless) cookie dough filling, and cookie dough frosting and mini chocolate chips!

Chocolate Cake with Guinness Extra Stout in the batter, Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Ganashe filling and Bailey’s Irish Whipped Cream frosting topped with a chocolate covered pretzel.

Chocolate Salted Caramel

We had a poll on our Facebook Fanpage and our fans voted for Chocolate Salted Caramel to be one of our regular flavors.  This cupcake will now be available every day we are open!  Come in and have 1 or 12!

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