Giving Back and Flavor of the Week

We have partnered with Marian Hope Center for Children’s Therapy in the month of June.  Marian Hope Center is a unique place where children with special needs have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive at their individual pace.  It was born of a vision for enhancing the lives of children with special needs through integrative, holistic programs. Staffed by multifunctional therapists and paraprofessionals that are highly talented and nurturing, Marian Hope Center is growing and gaining recognition among health care, academic, and child advocacy professionals for its unique functional approach and phenomenal successes in treatment, instruction, and complete care for children and their families.

We have created two special cupcakes that will be available for sale the entire month of June called “Hope” cupcakes. The cupcakes will replace our Vanilla Vanilla and Snow Capped cupcakes for the month and we will donate 50 cents from each of these cupcakes sold to Marian Hope Center. Both of the cupcakes are topped with a green colored vanilla butter cream frosting and with either a start or heart made from white fondant.  Help us raise as much money as possible for this great local charity by purchasing some of these delicious cupcakes!  For more information about Marian Hope Center, Click Here.

Summer Hours
Remember we are open from 10AM – 8PM Tuesday – Saturday for now.  Come in after dinner.  If these hours are popular enough, we will make them permanent!

Flavor of the Week – German Chocolate

This is one of Amy’s favorite cake flavors, and it was one of the first flavors we had on our original cupcake flavor lineup.  After months and months with no orders, we removed it from our menu.  Since we have opened the store, we have had many requests for this cupcake so it is back as our flavor of the week!  Are you a fan of German Chocolate, but don’t want to buy an entire cake to enjoy it? This cupcake is a miniature version of the big cake you love. This cupcake is made with our delicious chocolate cake and topped with a heaping serving of our rich German chocolate topping. Come in and try this cupcake, it will be available until Saturday.

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