Updates & Flavor of the Week

We had a very busy week at The Sweet Tooth last week, we even had a line at the door when we opened on Saturday morning! It was a small line, but all the same, it was still a line.  It’s great seeing all of our returning customers, and we love all of the new customers that are visiting for the first time.  As long as everyone leaves happy, we know we have done our job!  We are a new business, we are still growing and making improvements whenever we can.  Come in and let us know if you notice any differences since the last time you visited.

Summer Hours

We know some of you don’t get out of work until after 6PM, others work all the way in Kansas.  We are going to experiment with extended hours next month to try to accommodate more of our customers.  Beginning June 5, we will remain open until 8PM, our hours will be 10AM – 8PM Tuesday – Saturday. If our test is successful, we will keep those hours, if not we will go back to our current schedule.  To make sure the hours become permanent, make sure you come see us the week of June 5after 6PM, and bring some friends with you.

Flavor of the Week
Over the past 3 weeks, we have spoiled you with a brand new flavor each week.  This week, we have a blast from the past, Cherry Lemonade.  If you are not familiar with the story, Amy let me take over the kitchen one April Fool’s Day and I messed everything up. I took frosting from one cupcake and put it on a totally different cupcake. My goof became everyone else’s treat, and this is one of my delicious accidents. I started with our lemon cupcake base from Pucker Up and topped it with the cherry cream cheese frosting of our Cherry Meltdown.  Come in and try this cupcake this week, who knows when I’ll be allowed in kitchen again!

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