Cake Cutting Catastrophe/Sweet Tooth Solutions Part 2

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. But for your family, not so much. It is probably the most stressful day of theirs. I might compare it to being in a circus because it truly is a juggling act and no wedding actually happens as planned.

Don’t feel bad, your family wants you to be happy and believe that this whole circus act that they put on for you is fun and easy. But I know differently.

You see, I was a member of the 3-ring circus that my brother called his wedding. I experienced first-hand the stress involved behind the scenes. The stress you don’t see. But the stress that I personally experienced WAS seen. And it was on display for EVERYONE else to see.

I am not talking about the chocolate fondue fountain malfunction that was made worse when someone added water to it, against my strong suggestions not to. Yes, that was bad, but I am talking about everyone’s favorite part. The reason (other than the bride and groom) that people attend this happy event.

Yes, I’m talking about the cake.

Who doesn’t love wedding cake?! This glorified birthday cake in disguise is beautiful. There is something about it that just draws you to it. Sadly, most of them don’t taste nearly as good as they look. But most of us are more than willing to take at least one bite out of this $3 per slice masterpiece.

And when you have this beautiful cake at your wedding, who gets to do the cutting honors? Unless you want to spend up to 50% more per slice to hire outside help, your family does it.

That’s right, that was me. I was HAPPY to cut the cake. I wanted to help in any way I could. This was my moment.

I took to it…not in the kitchen but in the reception area, at the serving table. (We’ll call this mistake number one) So, my cutting speed and skills were on display for all to see. The cake, I am convinced, was never made for cutting. It was made to be pretty and to taste good. They didn’t fit cutting into the equation. And trust me, no special cake-cutting techniques could have saved the day on this one.

It was a mess! A soft, icing-covered mess. And where do you think that mess ended up? All over me, of course!

By the time I was finished cutting the first layer, my pre-washed hands were covered in soft, sugary icing and bits of cake. My hair was falling onto my perspiring face and I couldn’t do anything about it, unless I wanted to transfer the sugary mess anywhere I touched. So, my strategically styled “down do”(mistake number two) just stuck to whatever sweat-covered spot it could find. (There are some lovely pictures that someone so graciously took of me at this point that I wouldn’t mind burning!)

I couldn’t quit cutting or take a breather because my brother is evidently very popular…or maybe they put up signs around town advertising free cake. Whatever the case, the line went on forever.

So, I continued cutting and sweating and adding to the layers of goo on my fingers. It was the longest hour and a half of my life. That cake was HUGE! The end never seemed to come and the people kept coming too!

My family was there. People I hadn’t seen in a very long time. That included the bride and groom. Some of them tried to chat with me around the serving table but with the mob of cake-going guests, this was awkward at best. So, essentially I missed my brother’s reception. Instead, I was a great candidate for a potential new reality show…Cake Cutting Wars.

It truly was a war zone for me. And though I WAS happy to help, it was disappointing and messy. I am glad that they enjoyed their beautiful reception and were oblivious to my less than enjoyable experience. But I promise you that the next time one of my brothers decides to get married, I will say three, well-thought-out  words to them.


No, they are not a cake-cutting service and they don’t make wedding cakes that cut themselves, but they make something even better! Pre-cut wedding cakes! Maybe you have heard of them. Most people like to call these CUPCAKES.

They are every bit as beautiful and quite noticeably more delicious than any wedding cake I have had the opportunity to eat…or cut. (Not to mention about HALF the price!) And the best part is you don’t even need a plate, a fork, or a messy knife-wielding relative! Everyone can easily help themselves to their choice of whichever flavors the happy couple has chosen.

And there are over 30 flavors to choose from, so everyone isn’t forced to eat the same flavor. This is also convenient for those couples who don’t agree on flavors. The more flavors, the merrier!

You might be wondering what is so special about THESE cupcakes. Well,these are no ordinary cupcake bakers. They are experts. And if cupcake-baking was a degree, then their Masters would have to be baking them for weddings. The Sweet Tooth has you covered, from baking and delivery to custom made cupcake stands for any season or theme you can think of.

They bring and set up these beautiful, tasty confections in whatever mouth-watering flavors you have chosen and you’re done! No cutting, no mess, and no relatives missing out on the party. Just pure, sweet (and CLEAN) deliciousness! They will even provide boxes for your guests to take home a cucake or two IF you have leftovers.

Don’t worry, I am sure there will still be embarrassing moments and pictures. But those will happen on the dance floor instead of behind the serving table!

Guest Blog by Christina Dawson-free lance copywriter

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