Righting The Wrongs of Birthdays Past/Sweet Tooth Solutions-Part 1

I know you feel it too. That feeling of childish joy and anticipation that comes when you lay your eyes on a perfectly decorated cupcake. You can feel the icing dissolve in your mouth and taste the sweet moist cake. Your tastebuds are compelling you to push past the line of children at your kid’s birthday party and pounce on the mini cakes, while somehow you maintain your composure and manage to keep your feet firmly planted.

No one in the room even knows you WANT a cupcake, and they are certainly not aware of the mad dash that you secretly have played through in your mind. With a hint of embarrassment(as if everyone just viewed your thoughts on the widescreen) you make sure everyone else has a cupcake in hand before you get yours.

But then you have it. And you take that long awaited bite. Glorious bliss! But wait, you are now feeling embarrassment for a whole new reason. Your desire to shove this lovely cake into your mouth has turned into an intense desire to NOT swallow. In fact, if you could discretely dislodge it into the trashcan, you would.

Instead of moistness and melt-in-your-mouth frosting, your tastebuds have been assaulted with a dry, artificial-tasting cake with icing that tastes stale at best. It is as if you can feel every grain of sugar in the preservative-laced concoction that refuses to dissolve as you imagined it would, and the experience is entirely unpleasant.

Your will power wins out again and you chew, as painful as it is, and swallow this dry, rubber-like imitation of your dreams. Your decision to not go to a real bakery has proven to be the villain in this otherwise fairytale birthday party. Every fairytale has a villain, right? But you expect that to come in the form of a spoiled kid or one who gets sick….not your dessert choice!

And now you are looking around at everyone else’s reaction to this deadbeat dessert. You are dying to make an announcement, like “fire!” to get them to put the offensive cakes down!

Are their tastebuds feeling as violated as yours are? Do they understand and appreciate how wonderful a cupcake could and should be? Chances are that they are eyeing the trash can too.

Who hasn’t been there? You could always go the homemade route but who has the time, right? So the cupcakes can be from a grocery store with a so-called “bakery”. Who will notice? Well, I will and you will and I think that is enough to count.

As memorable as the aftertaste from this “treat” will be in the hearts and upset stomachs of all those consuming it, I have a solution that will make everyone forget this grievous faux pas. Yes, it is possible. Three little words could solve all your birthday party confection woes.

The Sweet Tooth

No, I am not referring to the cause of your uncontrollable cravings for sweet, delectable desserts. I am referring to the best little cupcakery I have ever had the pleasure to frequent. The Sweet Tooth.

From their decadent “Life By Chocolate” and “Peanut Butter Dream” to their “Choc-O-Mint” and “Apple of My Eye”, these bakers KNOW cupcakes.

They are all made from scratch and all amazing!

And you will never get bored because they have seasonal flavors too. I warn you though, you will become addicted and you will be counting down the days until your favorite seasonal flavors are on sale again. Whether you prefer “Snickerdoodle”, “S’mores”, “Raspberry Lemonade” or “Key Lime Pie”, they will hook you with something!

These from-scratch confections have been created and then re-created to make sure they are the most moist and delicious cupcakes you can buy. You won’t have to worry about a single dry or grainy bite at your next party. What you WILL have to worry about is having enough for seconds.

Check out their other mouth-watering flavors on their website or like them on facebook for a chance to win FREE cupcakes!

Check back next Thursday for part two of “Sweet Tooth Solutions.”

Guest Blog by Christina Dawson-free lance copywriter

  • christinadawson81@yahoo.com
  • confectiouswriting.blogspot.com
  • withoutallthefluff.blogspot.com
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