Flavor of the Week – Banana Split * New

We have experimented with many different options, and have selected the newest additions to our menu.  We adjusted ingredients, and updated our recipes to make sure everything was just right.  We even had customers come in to taste test our newest creations and we received glowing reviews.  With this said we are ready to roll out the newest members of our flavor family and our flavor of the week rotation!

Our Banana Split Cupcake is the perfect homage to the frozen treat we all enjoyed at sometime of our life.  We have almost convinced ourselves that Banana Splits are healthy because they contain 3 different types of fruit, banana, strawberry and pineapple.  (At The Sweet Tooth, we also consider chocolate a fruit).  We started with our vanilla cupcake and added fresh chopped banana to the batter before baking.  The cupcake is filled with strawberry preserves and topped with a pineapple filled whipped cream frosting.  We added a chocolate swirl and a cherry to finish the cupcake off!  The temperature is getting warmer and this cupcake is the perfect way to beat the heat!

This cupcake will only be available for one week (until May 5) and will then go into our flavor of the week rotation.  We are not sure when this cupcake will be available again, so make sure you visit this week to try it out!  Special thanks to Heather for coming up with this amazing flavor, and everyone that helped with the taste testing.

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One Response to Flavor of the Week – Banana Split * New

  1. maxsgram says:

    Great idea for summertime!

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