My Day at KC CakeFest

The Sweet Tooth had the opportunity to participate in this event, and it has been amazing so far.  If you want specific details about KC CakeFest 2012, check out our previous blog post.  Today, Saturday March 3, there were two live battles.  The kids battle was fun and light hearted, but resulted in some great looking cakes.  The second battle involved professional chefs and was very exciting.  If you were not able to make it today, I recommend you attend tomorrow.

Cupcake Sampler #1 on Saturday

There were amazing cakes entered in the cake competitions, and the free demos were great as well.  I learned a lot in the one I was able to attend.  It is great to see chefs from television just walking around and hanging out.  The Sweet Tooth participated in 2 of the 3 cupcake samplers and they were intense.  The first session we had Raspberry Lemonade and Peanut Butter Dream.  As always, we could not keep Peanut Butter Dream on the table.  There ended up being over 100 guests and they were all happy to fill their containers with cupcakes.  The second session was even more busy.  There was close to 200 guests and they were able to sample our Choc-O-Mint and Rouge (Red Velvet) Cupcakes.  We are looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.  If you don’t have plans… you should head to KC CakeFest.  See you there.

Line for cupcake sampler, second session.

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