KC CakeFest 2012

We have been talking about KC CakeFest for a while now, but we have not really gone into details about the event.  There is so much going on at this amazing event, it really requires its own blog post so that’s what we are going to do!  KC CakeFest is a Charity Cake Festival created by Kansas City’s own Mike Elder (3-time undefeated champion of TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off”), in cooperation with the “The Whole Person” charity, as a way to bring the joy and fun associated with cake together with the recent fascination of TV cake shows! At CakeFest you will see over 20 of your favorite TV cake chefs compete to create Kansas City-inspired cakes in 2 separate, good natured Cake Battles, judged by our celebrity judges! Mike has no formal training but was able to compete with the best cake artists from around the country, and win!  There were parts of the high pressure competitions that did not leave the best impression with Mike, from that frustration, KC CakeFest was born.  While he appreciates all of the connections and attributes a large portion of his success to his appearances on the TV shows, he wanted to give “Celebration Specialists” the opportunity to show the true, fun, giving side of the industry.   CakeFest will be at the Kansas City Convention Center on March 3 and 4.  General admission is free, but there are fees to attend some portions of the event.  All proceeds from CakeFest will go to The Whole Person.

Carey Ienneccaro second in command at KC CakeFest

I was able to interview Carey Ienneccaro Owner of Sprinkled With Sugar and second in command at KC CakeFest to get a little inside scoop on Mike and the Event.  It’s the second year that the event is being held, but they changed the name to KC CakeFest this year.  She said the event is a party, a celebration, a festival, KC Cakefest describes it much better.  In addition to the name change, KC CakeFest has also grown!  2 more cake battles have been added including a kids battle.  There was an essay contest and kids were asked to write about something they were passionate about and how they used it (or would use it) to make a positive impact in their community.  There is also a wedding cake competition sponsored by EA Bride.  They are committed to grow this portion of the event every year, and Carey is excited to see what EA Bride has in store for future KC CakeFests!  There will be classes instructed by our celebrity chefs that will be held on days prior to and after the actual event.  At this year’s KC CakeFest, there will be a cake dive.  A few lucky guests will have the opportunity to jump into a 4 foot cake for the chance to win great prizes such as diamond bracelets, art and cash!  Carey said one of the most memorable portions of KC CakeFest 2012 will be Mike’s world record attempt.  Representatives from Guiness will be on hand to validate if the fastest edible car will be made.  This is history in the making, right here in Kansas City!

Of course, The Sweet Tooth and 5 other great local cupcakeries will participate in The Cupcake Sampler at KC CakeFest.  I have detailed this and all the other portions of KC CakeFest below.  Please check out the details and we hope we will see you there! For the most current details about KC CakeFest, like their Facebook FanPage.

Live Cake Battles

There will be 3 different live cake battles at KC CakeFest 2012 starting with a Kid’s Battle on Saturday.  4 local Kansas City Kids were selected based on essays they submitted, and will be paired with celebrity bakers and compete for prizes.   Additionally, there will be a celebrity cake battle on Saturday and Sunday!  Four teams of four celebrity and local bakers will compete in fast paced, high energy contests to make the best Kansas City: Past, Present & Future themed cakes.  There will be celebrity judges to pick the winning cakes.  To see the team lineups, click here.

Competition and Expo
There are 4 separate cake competitions including the EA Bride Wedding Cake Competition.  Local professional and armature bakers will put their skills on display for a chance at cash, prizes and bragging rights for the year.  The other competitions categories are Kansas City: Past, Present & Future; General Competitions and Kids Competitions.  For more information about the cake competitions, click here.  Cakes in the Expo area will not be judged, but will allow local bakers to show off their work and promote their businesses.

Celebrity Chef & Cake Artist Classes
KC CakeFest is offering an amazing opportunity to learn from popular and talented cake artists.  Classes will be held on March 1, 2 and 5 and will cover topics including fondant work, structure, airbrushing and specific projects.  KC CakeFest was able to secure great instructors willing to share some of their secrets including Mike Elder! To view details about all the classes at KC CakeFest, including prices, themes and instructors, click here.

Live Demos
There are live cake demos scheduled for KC CakeFest that are instructed by great chefs and best of all, they are FREE!  There are 12 different lessons, 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday with 12 different instructors.  Click here for classes and schedules.


The Sweet Tooth is very excited to be a part of KC CakeFest and we are looking forward to working with 3 Girls Cupcakes and 4 other local cupcakeries to help raise funds for The Whole Person.  There are 5 cupcake sampling sessions and tickets are available for $10 per session or two sessions for $15.  Each session will allow guests to sample at least 8 cupcakes, 2 from each station.  A cupcake box is included with the session fee to allow guests to take some of their goodies home with them.  This is the perfect way to sample some of KC’s best cupcakeries all in one location.  KC CakeFest will also allow kids to decorate their own cupcake for a $1 donation.  Frosting and toppings will be available.  There will be a cupcake chuck where guests can throw cupcakes at some of their favorite celebrity chefs for a small donation.  For more information about All Things Cupcake at KC CakeFest, click here.

The Whole Person

For more than 30 years, The Whole Person (TWP) has been a leader in representing people with disabilities in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.  Support from KC CakeFest comes at a vital time. Nearly 28% of people with disabilities currently live in poverty. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 13%, compared to 8% for people without disabilities. The Whole Person is working harder than ever to help people with disabilities find jobs, accessible housing, and other resources to help them live independently in the community.  For more information about The Whole Person, Click here.

Thanks for reading this blog post and please use the buttons below to share it with everyone you know!  We hope we see you there.

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