Weekly Round Up – February 18, 2012

We have been very busy over the past couple of weeks at The Sweet Tooth, promoting happiness is a round the clock task.  We have been growing, taking feedback from customers and making improvements whenever we can.  We have added some tables and chairs allowing our customers to sit down and enjoy their cupcakes before hitting the road.  We saw you sitting in your cars eating your cupcakes, so we took this step to hopefully make your experience that much more enjoyable.  We had our sign installed on the building, and have already had customers stopping because they saw the sign.  We have a prime location available for our sign, it sits above all the other signs in our plaza, and we had this in mind when we picked this space.  We also had a very busy and successful Valentine’s Day.  We had a lot of customers and made a lot of cupcakes, all in all it was an amazing day! 

The Sweet Tooth Out & About

Over the next few weeks, The Sweet Tooth will have booths at many events around the KC Metro.  I have included some of the details below, we hope you come and see us! 

Friday – February 24 – Blue Springs Women’s Civic Club Fundraiser
Adams Point Marriott

Saturday & Sunday – March 3 & 4 – KC Cake Fest – Cupcake Sampler
Kansas City Convention Center

You have to visit this website and checkout the lineup of celebrity bakers that will be participating!  I will be blogging more about this event later.  If you love cakes or baking, this is an event you MUST ATTEND!  Plus, it’s all for charity, all proceeds go to The Whole Person. 

Sunday – April 1 – I Do & Beyond Bridal Show
Nebraska Furniture Mart

1,000 Facebook Fans

We recently achieved a major milestone in social media. We surpassed the 1,000 fan mark and we appreciate each and every one of you.  We were watching closely after we made it to 999.  Next time we looked we were at 1,003, it all happened too fast.  As always we have some great prizes to give away in a fun contest!  The grand prize will be a $100 Visa gift card!  We will have cupcake sweatshirts and t-shirts to give away, as well as gift certificates for cupcakes!  We will blog more about the contest in a couple days, stay tuned to find out how to enter!

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