Sweet Conversations

Did you know that we are open on Sundays from noon to 5:00?  Sundays are relaxing, laid back days and a perfect opportunity to get to know the customers (and for you to get to know us).

Yesterday I asked everyone that came in to tell me about the best cupcake they ever ate.  We love hearing about what makes your taste buds happy, even if it’s not a flavor we currently offer. You never know when we will be inspired to try out something new!  So what flavors were you looking for yesterday?  Boston Cream Pie, Wedding Cake, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate!  You love our Hawaiian Treat, Peanut Butter Dream, or anything topped with cream cheese frosting…at least yesterday’s customers did, tomorrow there may be a new favorite.  There are so many of you looking for a sugar free option and several wishing that there was a gluten free cupcake as well.  Keep your ideas coming, we want to know what our fans are looking for!  Didn’t get a chance to tell us about your dream cupcake yet?  Leave a comment on here or better yet, stop by the store this week and let us know what makes your taste buds happy!

Thank you to everyone that shared their ideas, wishes, and favorites with me yesterday.  I met people who are working their way around the metro testing out cupcakes, and others that just discovered gourmet cupcakes when they found our store for the first time.  Whether you are a first time customer, or the fan that stops by right before closing a few times a week, I enjoyed getting to know you better!

Thanks for the SWEET conversations!


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