Trying new flavors

Do you have a favorite cupcake flavor?  I’m a chocolate and peanut butter kind of gal.  My love of cupcakes has sent me to many bakeries around town and without thinking I always request the chocolate peanut butter flavor to be the first one put in my box.  The first time I tried a Peanut Butter Dream cupcake from The Sweet Tooth I couldn’t stop talking about it.  I had finally found someone who understood the important relationship between peanut butter and chocolate!  There are peanut butter chips mixed into the chocolate cake so you get both flavors in every bite.  This is the cupcake I had been dreaming about!!

I have a hard time pulling myself away from that dreamy cupcake, but lucky for me I work at The Sweet Tooth now so there are more opportunities to expand my horizons when it comes to cupcake flavors.  This weekend I stepped way, way outside my cupcake comfort zone and had the Very Berry flavor.  This cupcake is made with real strawberries, and I like strawberries but I prefer them to be covered in chocolate whenever possible!  A strawberry cupake just didn’t seem to be calling out my name.

Wow, why did I wait so long to try this one?  This cupcake is incredibly fresh and taste like actual strawberries, not strawberry flavoring, but real strawberries that have been hand chosen by Amy and chopped up right in our kitchen at the store.  I was worried that the cupcake itself would overpower the strawberries, but that is not the case at all.  Delicious!  I was immediately sad I had only bought one to take home and was wondering how I could keep it hidden from my husband so I wouldn’t have to share.

Do you have a go-to flavor that you always find yourself heading back to each time you walk into our store?  Perhaps you are a red velvet fan and always order the Rouge cupcake, or maybe you like to keep it simple with the Vanilla Vanilla?  I’m still a big fan of the Peanut Butter Dream, but this week you will find me sneaking in a bite of the Very Berry whenever I can, and I will be buying two of them next time because it turns out my husband loves them just as much as I do.

Challenge yourself to try a new flavor this week and then let us know how it compares to your normal go-to cupcake.

Have a SWEET week!


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4 Responses to Trying new flavors

  1. djgramma says:

    I too went out of my cupcake comfort zone and tried the Frappu-Cake. It is so delicious!

    • mistythieman says:

      I love the whipped cream frosting on the Frappu-Cake! I’m not a big coffee drinker unless it’s loaded with lots of sugar and chocolate, so this cupcake taste like my kind of coffee!

  2. That Strawberry sounds amazing… I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries… wonder what it would taste like with chocolate frosting?

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