Our Store, From the Beginning

It was not very long ago when Amy and I went to scope out locations for our store front.  We got with Judy Q to show us what was available in Blue Springs.  She was excited about the spaces available in the Palo Center, and scheduled an appointment for the owner to show us the empty spaces.  Of the four spaces they showed us, we selected space D for many reasons.  It was right next to a hair salon, a great source of consistent customers, we had a nice high location for our sign, and an overhang for outdoor enjoyment during the mild months.  After some discussion, Amy and I made an offer and the owner accepted!  We signed the lease on October 18, 2011, my birthday, and set January 7 as our Grand Opening date!  We knew we had a lot to get done before our Grand Opening and we did not plan on letting anything slow us down!  Well, I guess we did slow down a little when our third child was born a week later, but only a little. 

3100 D South 7 Highway, it was our new address and I wrote it down several times trying to take it all in.  It was a space that was never occupied so we had a blank canvas to work with.  We knew exactly what we wanted, and the contractor got to work quickly.  I remember stopping by one day while we were in the hospital having a baby, and the ceiling was already painted!  They framed out the walls and had all the pipes installed for the sinks we would need.  Everything was moving quickly, and we got more and more excited with everyday that passed.  Most of the work being done at this time was by the contractor, but I did go over a couple nights to install the cable for our computer network and telephone lines. 

After the Thanksgiving break, the contractors got busy hanging sheetrock.  We have some high ceilings, but they got it all taken care of in about a day.  Then the mudding and sanding started and they finished just in time for me to paint during the weekend.  A friend of mine did most of the painting and I tasked myself with tackling the striped wall.  I wanted to make sure it looked good, it will be the focal point when you walk in the door!  Amy asked me a few times if I was sure I could do it, I said yes and figured, “What do I have to lose?”  It was a long weekend and we went through many gallons of paint.  We got it all done, and I was ready for my next task.

The weekends were flying by, and not matter how much we were getting done there was more to do.  I was busy working on the cabinets and Amy helped by painting doors and trim.  We cleaned often, but there was dust everywhere!  Amy got a pretty bad sinus infection and was out of commission for a couple days.  I made sure I stayed hydrated by drinking a lot of water, the downside… the water was not on yet in our space, so no toilet.  I tried to make it home by 8:30 each night to put the kids in bed, but sometimes that did not happen.  The cabinets were now done and we moved all the equipment into the space.  Amy painted the cabinets and everything was coming together. 

I arrived at the space at 7AM on Christmas Eve to meet up with our refrigeration guys and electrician to hook up the walk-in freezer and convection oven.  I did a lot of touch up painting, sweeping and cleaning up the floors.  I ended the night by painting the floors and left after 10PM.  It was a long day, but some much was accomplished.  The days after Christmas we got the counters installed, shelves put up, floorboards installed and a lot of cleaning.  We hooked up the phones and computers, and I was proud that they worked.  The last thing we did before we were ready to open was install our electric menu and frame.  We were ready to open… just in time. 

There is no way we would have been able to do this alone.  There were more people that helped us, then we would ever be able to name.  Every time I walk into The Sweet Tooth, I am amazed that it is real and open for business.  We would like to thank everyone for the support and help that allowed us to realize this dream.  We could not have done this without you… Thank You!

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