Monthly Round Up – October

Ok, so this is supposed to be a weekly round-up, but since it has been so long we will call it a monthly round-up.  I don’t know that we even have anything to talk about, we have not had much going on this month.  I guess I can think of something… Oh, I celebrated my 35th Birthday this month!  Is there anything else I can think of to talk about?  I will try. 

We Had a Baby!

On Tuesday October 25th we welcomed Mya Elaine to the world.  She was 7 pounds 14 ounces, 20 and ¼ inches long and perfect!  Mom and baby are both home and doing well.  Mya is looking forward to eating many cupcakes in the future. 

5 Weddings this Month

Seems like October was a busy month for couples to get married and have cupcakes at their weddings.  We did 5 weddings this month, including 2 on the 29th.  That was Mya’s actual due date and only 4 days after she was actually born.  With a lot of planning and some help, we were able to get all of them done… and have a baby!  We also met with a few couples this month to discuss having our cupcakes at their weddings next year. 

The Sweet Tooth – Retail

We kinda let the cat out of the bag last week, but we are opening our store front location in January 2012!  We have signed a lease and are taking the required steps to have our grand opening early next year.  We settled on a location on South 7 Highway at the Palo Center in Blue Springs, and look forward to opening up shop.  That means soon you will be able to stop by on a whim, and get some of our cupcakes or try our cookies!  We will keep you posted with details!

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