Wedding Cupcakes a new Kansas City Tradition

This is a display of cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth on one of their custom made stands. Photo by Jana Marie Photography

I can’t say definitively where it all started, most point to an episode of Sex and the City, but this Cupcake thing has turned into much more than just a trend.  There are several television shows that feature cupcakes, and everybody loves them. So what’s the big deal with cupcakes anyway?  Well they are perfect sized treats available in a variety of different flavors.  Let’s say you had a craving for some lemon cake, like real lemon cake… what would you do?  Cake mix just won’t do for this craving, and the cost and time to make a cake yourself from scratch is totally out of the question.  Cupcakes are the perfect solution!  You can get one cupcake from The Sweet Tooth, totally made from scratch with actual lemons and lemon cream cheese frosting at a great price!  That explains the popularity of cupcakes, but we are now taking it to the next level. 

Imagine an amazing cupcake display like this one at your wedding. Photo by Digitalive

Wedding and Event Cupcakes

Say “I Do” to cupcakes! Photo by Digitalive

Everyone is accustomed to having cake at weddings and there are several traditions around cakes at these events.  We ask, why not cupcakes?  Well, why not?  The only downside to having cupcakes instead of wedding cake is the tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other the first piece of cake.  Why not change tradition? Many couples are changing the rules when planning their special day.  For example, brides and grooms are choosing to see each other before their ceremony to have their formal pictures taken.  Why not make wedding cupcakes a new tradition?  The Sweet Tooth offers a jumbo cupcake for the bride and groom in the flavor of their choosing to feed to each other!  We think that is the perfect solution, and there are many other benefits to serving cupcakes rather than a wedding cake.  Let’s review some of the benefits.

Bride and Groom feeding each other wedding cupcakes, the new tradition! Photo by Jana Marie Photography

Cupcake save money

S’mores at a wedding? Why not? Photo by Jana Marie Photography

Weddings are becoming increasingly expensive and couples are starting to pay the expenses themselves.  (Since we are speaking of tradition, the tradition of the parents of the brides footing the bill is quickly becoming a thing of the past.)  Wedding cakes are cutting into brides budgets much more so than they have done in the past.  With a bit of research, you will quickly discover bakeries are starting at about $3 per slice and that can increase depending on the options selected.   Wedding Cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth can be purchased for as little as $1.50 each!  You can get cupcakes at half the price per serving then wedding cake. 

Cupcakes save time

The Sweet Tooth’s Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes is a classic and staple at most wedding receptions. Photo by Jana Marie Photography

Have you ever paid attention to how much  time it takes to cut wedding cake and serve to all of the guests at a wedding?  We have attended weddings where it took up to 15 staff members to handle this task.  We have also attending weddings where family members were asked to manage this task.  Aunt Emma could have been cutting a rug on the dance floor, but instead she was cutting and plating pieces of cake for everyone.  The Sweet Tooth’s Wedding Cupcakes are self serve!  Each guest can grab the cupcake of their choice, and Aunt Emma can dance the night away.  To piggyback on the previous bullet point, venues may charge cake cutting fees up to $1.50 per slice to cover the costs of additional staff.  For an event with 150 guests, that would be an additional $225! There may also be additional costs to serving wedding cake, like plates and forks. Mike Tsai, Wedding Photographer from 4 Honor Photography said, “I think I am starting to see more cupcakes at weddings this year, it was mostly cakes last year. I think it’s probably easier on the venue as they don’t have to dedicate someone to cut up the cake for everyone, and use more plates/forks.” Wedding Cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth don’t require plates or forks, wedding guests only need a mouth to enjoy our treats. 


What an amazing variety of cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth. Photo by Jana Marie Photography

They say variety is the spice of life, if that’s the case, The Sweet Tooth can spice up any event!  We currently offer 12 regular flavors and 16 seasonal flavors.  Since our entire menu is available for brides and grooms to choose from, they get to select from almost 30 different flavors!  Most bakeries carry the basic flavors, white cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake and maybe even carrot cake.  How many offer an apple cinnamon cake with caramel frosting, raspberry lemonade, pina colada or mango cake with pomegranate cream cheese frosting?  Jaime Russell, Photographer with Digitalive said, “I think that many of my clients who choose cupcakes do so because cupcakes are unique reception treats. They are versatile too – clients can order several different flavors for their guests to enjoy and they can be displayed in more creative ways than traditional wedding cakes.” With The Sweet Tooth, couples can offer their guests a variety of flavors that can’t be matched with just cake, no matter how many different bakeries you go to.   

Reduce Waste

Don’t leave these on the table when you go dance, they might be gone when you return. Photo by Digitalive

When Amy and I got married we had so much wedding cake left over, we ended up giving an entire sheet cake to one of the local preschools.  We also dumped about half a sheet cake in the trash as well.  Our cake was good, nothing spectacular, but there were many half eaten pieces of cake left on tables when the night was through.  Our cupcakes, totally different story.  We advise couples to order more cupcakes then guests they are expecting, some people will have more than one.  Britney Beach, Wedding Planner for Plush Productions and General Manager of The Cotillion stated, “I am meeting with fewer brides that want to order a large wedding cake. Cupcakes are the new reception dessert. Mini cupcakes allows each guest to pick from multiple flavors. Why order a large, expensive cake that guests only eat a few bites of when you can offer cupcakes in different flavors to please every taste-bud? If there are left over cupcakes from the reception, they can easily be stored to enjoy at a later time.” We always asks photographers that cover our weddings if they were able to try one of our cupcakes before the night is done.  The response we get most of the time, the cupcakes were all gone before they even had a chance.  In the event cupcakes are left over, guests are much more willing to take a cupcake or two home with them.  We can even provide boxes and your guests can take cupcakes as party favors, what a sweet treat!

The DJ announced the cupcake stand was open, and guests rush to get their favorite flavor at a recent wedding. Photo by 4 Honor Photography

Conversation Piece 

Bride & Groom jumbo cupcakes, dressed for the occasion. Photo by Jana Marie Photography

One of the fans on The Sweet Tooth’s Facebook page recently attended a wedding that had our cupcakes, and said our cupcakes were the talk of the reception. Kelly said, “I went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend and they had your cupcakes for their wedding cake and I just wanted to tell you they were amazing! But seriously the cupcakes were awesome and the talk of the wedding! I had the peanut butter frosting, chocolate with peanut butter chip cupcake. I’m not sure what it was called….but oh my gosh….sinful!!”  We have no intention of stealing the bride’s thunder on her big day, but one of our custom made cupcake stands filled with an amazing variety of cupcakes will defiantly turn a few heads!  Give your guests something to talk about.  A great wedding reception idea is to have a dozen cupcakes at each guest table.  All the cupcakes will be the same at the table, for example Table 1 can have a dozen Life by Chocolate, Table 2 Snickerdoodle and so on.  Guests will have to visit different tables to find their favorite flavor!  If they see someone with a cupcake they would like to try, just ask what table they got it from!  The Sweet Tooth would be happy to set this up for you.

Is someone trying to swipe a cupcake from the stand in the background? Busted! Photo by Jana Marie Photography

We hope this post helps you visualize how much fun can be added to your wedding reception with cupcakes! There are many benefits that go along with choosing cupcakes for your event, and we hope you will consider cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth at your next event. While we focused primarily on weddings, we are very versatile with our cupcakes. We can make custom stands and cupcakes for any season, or theme. Andrea K. Grist of Andrea K. Grist Floral Designs said, “Cupcake displays allow for so much variety. Several flavors can be represented that mean something special to the Bride and Groom. Different colors and decorations can coordinate with the wedding colors and design styles being used. Displays can be interactive, and just fun for all ages!” We can cater any event and any theme. Birthday Parties, graduations, baby and bridal showers, Halloween parties, any event you can think of our cupcakes will make the evening a lot sweeter. If you would like more information about our event cupcakes, visit our website. If you are getting married, and would like to set up a free wedding cupcake consultation and taste testing, contact us. We look forward to helping change wedding traditions, and hopefully you will get to try one of our cupcakes at a wedding soon.

Award winning custom made “Spring” flower pot cupcake stand with grass cupcakes, bumble bees and lady bugs.

We would like to thank all the wedding professional that provided content and images for this post.  We have enjoyed working with each of you in the past, and look forward to working with you more in the future. 

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Jana Marie Photography:
4 Honor Photography:

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