Weekly Round Up – August 14, 2011

We had a great week this week, even though something was missing.  We had no weddings this weekend, and we enjoyed the time off immensely.  We were even able to take the kids to the lake for the weekend.  We were not able to take them at all this summer, so they were really looking forward to it.  They got several rides on the jet ski and a quick boat ride as well, while Amy and I relaxed and got some Vitamin D.  We were able to sleep in, and catch up on reading.  Again, it was great family rejuvenation time!

Weddings & Events

While we did not have any weddings this weekend, we did have a great consultation with a fun couple this week.  They enjoyed sampling our cupcakes and we hope we have the honor of providing cupcakes at their wedding.  We also booked a pretty large wedding on a fairly short notice.  This couple has a great wedding date, 9-10-11!  We are also finalizing the details on a charity event that we are very excited about and another wedding later in the year.  We love the fact that people are seeing the benefits in having cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth at their events.  We look forward to doing many more in the future.

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