Mid-Week Update?

Wedding Pictures by Digitalive Images

by Digitalive Images

While we were setting up our cupcakes this weekend, Amy noticed the photographer was Jamie from Digitalive Images! We met Jamie at The Chocolate Crawl event we did at The Stanley Event Space in Lee’s Summit, and were excited to see her again. We were busy, and she was busy, so we did not get much time to chat, but she did send us these great images!  Talk about Sweet Tooth, this table has enough goodies to make your blood sugar level increase by just looking at it!  It looks like heaven! 

by Digitalive Images

Jamie said she was so busy taking pictures that she did not get to try a cupcake, and you can even notice a few cupcakes missing before the cake was even cut!  Maybe we have to start offering cupcakes security with our wedding packages.  An alarm system, or maybe a bouncer next to the table.  “No more cupcakes for you, I don’t care if you were the flower girl!”  Ok, maybe that went a little too far.  Thanks again to Jamie and Digitalive Images for the amazing pictures, and we hope to see you again soon.

by Digitalive Images

700 Facebook Fans!

We just achieved another milestone and hit the 700 mark on our Facebook Fanpage!  We have a little contest going, and there is still time to enter.  You can enter until 11:59PM Wednesday August 10th, Central Time.  Click here for more details.  Good Luck!

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