Weekly Round Up – July 31, 2011

Weddings, Weddings and more Weddings! 

Today is the last day of July, and what a busy month we had!  It was ambitious to say the least to book 9 weddings in one month, but Amy and I are up to about anything.  If you include the wedding we have this coming weekend, we had 6 consecutive weekends with weddings.  We had a wedding on the 4th of July, one weekend with 2 weddings, we were even crazy enough to schedule 3 weddings in the same weekend.  Each wedding had its own story, and we will review some of the most memorable moments of the month. 

A wedding on the 4th of July, not that bad of an idea… an amazing fireworks display is already included.  The wedding was early enough that we were still able to enjoy our holiday and a few high flying explosives.  We had a wedding with 300 cupcakes!!!  That’s a lot of cupcakes, but also a lot of happy wedding guests.  Our three wedding weekend was probably the most memorable of them all.  It started with a Friday wedding from a couple that was very excited to see us, and glowing from their recent trip to Hawaii.  We set up and almost stayed for a while, but we knew we had two more weddings the following day and needed to rest up.  Amy and her Mom were setting up one of the weddings, and I had the other wedding.  It was over 100 degrees, but we had jobs to do.  My car was packed, and I was on my way.  I was about half a mile away from the wedding venue and my car shut off.  I had gas, the battery did not died, but the car stopped and would not start again.  I was able to catch a ride to the wedding and get everything set up in time.  I got the car towed and we were happy that everything turned out. 

We ended the month with two weddings, one in Lee’s Summit the other in Blue Springs.  That was great because they were pretty much in our backyard and did not have far to travel.  In addition to all the weddings, we also had many regular orders to fill.  Baby showers, neighborhood BBQs, Birthdays and just because… it seems like we baked non-stop in the month of July.  We challenged ourselves this month, and we can sit back and relax with this great feeling of accomplishment… ok time to work on our next wedding.

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