Weekly Round Up – July 17, 2011

Perfect Wedding Guide
We really enjoy doing weddings, and we have been fortunate enough to have over 20 booked so far this year.  We are looking to grow and do more weddings next year, so we just got a profile on The Perfect Wedding Guide’s website.  We look forward to a long prosperous relationship with Perfect Wedding Guide and to providing cupcakes to even more couples next year!

Another Weekend…
At The Sweet Tooth in July, it seems like another weekend, another wedding.  We had another great wedding this weekend that went off without a hitch.  The couple had a great variety of flavors and we received some great feedback as we were setting up.  We love doing it so much, that we are going to do it three times this weekend!

Help in the Kitchen
So Amy’s mom took her food handlers class, and was able to help us bake at the Ennovation Center.  It was great having an extra set of hands to help out, and she was thoroughly impressed with their facilities.  I’m used to being the lowest on the totem poll and being bossed around by Amy (I end up washing a lot of dishes).  It was very nice to have someone to boss around, do this, mix that, wash this.  It was great, I even got to take a 2 minute break!  I hope she will come back to help us again, the day went a lot smoother with her there.  Plus, we had a lot of good laughs, she was very entertaining.  Thanks mom!

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1 Response to Weekly Round Up – July 17, 2011

  1. Misty says:

    A TWO minute break? LUCKY 🙂

    Three weddings in one weekend? You guys are BUSY!

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