Weekly Round Up – July 10

Looks like I forgot to do a weekly roundup last weekend.  Well I will give you a quick update and hopefully you will understand.  I’m sure you all missed me immensely and I will try harder to post each week. 

Weddings, Weddings and More Weddings!!!

I know June is supposed to be the busy month when it comes to couples tying the knot, but June was just a warm up for us.  July is our busy month we have 9 Weddings to do!  It’s a lot of hard work, but there will be lots of people that get to enjoy our cupcakes, so it’s worth it.  We have completed 3 of the 9 so far, one with 25 dozen cupcakes (that’s 300 cupcakes)! We have three weddings for each of the last two weekends of the month, wish us luck! I used to blog about each wedding we did, but I have not be able to recently.  They are going great, the couples are happy and say everyone loves the cupcakes. 

Sweet Tweet
I finally did it, I got a Twitter account for The Sweet Tooth.  I have been very resistant to the idea, I don’t think we have anything going on is important enough to provide constant updates.  I have relived Twitter is a great tool to announce specials and discounts to our current customers, and reach new customers.  With that in mind, we signed up.  I’m not very good at Tweeting, I don’t really remember to and we don’t have many followers… but it’s a start right?  If you have a twitter account, please follow us, we might announce a discount there and nowhere else.

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1 Response to Weekly Round Up – July 10

  1. Misty says:

    I kept checking the blog last week to see if maybe you would post it late. I missed you! Sounds like you are super busy. Woot Woot!!! You guys are growing like crazy 🙂

    I am new to Twitter also. For me it’s hard to find the motivation to get started and keep tweeting out things when I only a few followers. Everytime I get a new follower I get all excited and send out a few tweets, but then I tend to lose motivation again. As of right now I mostly use my twitter account to stay in contact with my favorite businesses (like you!) so I can be one of the first to know about special events/giveaways/etc. Keep tweeting and the followers will come!

    Happy Monday!

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