Weekly Round Up – June 25

Summer, Summer, Summertime

We officially announced our summer cupcakes this week, and we are very excited about this line up.  I personally think this is the best line up of seasonal flavors we have released so far.  In case you have not heard the 3 flavors are Creamsicle Sunrise, Pina Colada & Key Lime Pie.  There is a great story that goes along with these 3 flavors, and I plan to tell it. 

We had been putting off our summer flavors for a very long time, but with good reason… we have been pretty busy.  I really wanted to get the flavors done and ready for the public, but it was hard to find the time.  Amy asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day, and I told her the Summer Cupcakes.  She was very hesitant, but really how do you say no to an awesome dad like me?  We woke up early on Father’s Day and baked cupcakes for hours.  I must say, based on the results, it was one of the best Father’s Days ever.

I really have to give it up to Amy on this.  We set out to make these cupcakes, and we succeeded, no matter the cost.  You have no idea how many cupcakes we threw in the trash because they were not just right.  When you taste these cupcakes, you taste an orange Creamsicle popsicle, a pina colada or a key lime pie.  We took our time, to make sure you taste all the ingredients that are in a pina colada, the pineapple, the coconut and even the rum.  The Key Lime Pie Cupcake is really very special to me. We used to eat key lime pie as kids all the time, my dad would even make some from scratch every once in a while.  The cupcake really tastes like the pie… from the actually key lime juice to the gram cracker crust.  This was another cupcake that we had to try and try again until we got it just right, and I think we did.  These are three cupcake flavors you really have to try.

Front and Center

The Sweet Tooth was lucky enough to be featured in the Examiner.  They sent us some questions while we were on vacation, and we were surprised to see the article in Tuesday’s newspaper.  We are glad they asked, because it allowed us to talk about what is important in our cupcakes, why we think they are so great.


We are only a few days away from July, a month that is going to be beyond busy for us.  We have 9 wedding scheduled, and we look forward to doing each and everyone one of them.  Congratulations to all of the brides and grooms, as well as the lucky guest that get to have our cupcakes!

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One Response to Weekly Round Up – June 25

  1. Misty says:

    So the most important question: when is that little pink cupcake due to pop out of the oven? If the storefront isn’t coming until after the baby gets here then I need to mark that due date on my calendar!
    Congrats on being featured in the paper!

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