Summer Cupcake – Key Lime Pie

We took a trip to Florida for a little vacation and spent some time in Key Largo.  We never expected to get inspiration for a cupcake flavor while we were there, but that’s what happened.  They had almost anything you can think of made with key lime, why not a cupcake?  We made a moist delicious cake with real key lime juice and a graham cracker crust.  The cupcake is topped with a lime cream cheese frosting, gram cracker crumbs and lime zest.  This cupcake is sweet, but it has a tart kick to it, just like a key lime pie.

This is a really good cupcakes that screams Key Lime Pie.  I plan on blogging in my Weekly Round-up about all the work that went into coming up with our summer line up.  You can read more about this and our other two summer flavors on the Encouraging Sweetness blog.  I know you want to sample all 3 of these flavors, check out our Splash of Summer Sale.

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