Summer Cupcake – Pina Colada

When you think of pineapples and coconuts, you have to think about Pina Coladas.  This drink is the perfect mixture of these two ingredients, and we found a way to turn it into a cupcake!  We started with our vanilla based cake and added chopped pineapple to the batter before baking.  For the frosting, we use actual coconut cream and non-alcoholic rum flavoring to make a cupcake that is almost like the real thing.  We topped it with shaved coconut and even a paper umbrella and straw.  Escape to an island oasis with the summer treat. 

Look at the umbrellas and straws on these cupcakes.  This really makes me think about spending time on the beach, listening to the waves gently lap onto the shore.  If you like Pina Coladas… you have to try this cupcake.  Again, have a look at Misty’s review on her blog, and take advantage of your Splash of Summer sale.

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